The Scratch Cup

Date(s) - Sun, 06 Mar 2022
12:00 pm


Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

This competition is principally a trial for the Halford Hewitt team, and so Hewitt squad members take priority in the allocation of starting places. As the names implies, the Cup is contested by reference to scratch scores; no handicaps are applicable. The winner is awarded the Scratch Cup; the best finisher over the age of 50 wins the Silver Medal. The best finishers (number yet to be determined) will be automatically entitled to a place in the Hewitt team.


This year, unlike last year, we anticipate that there will be some spare places in the field, after the Hewitt squad has taken priority, and so entries are now invited for those places. These places will be allocated based on the applicant’s handicap, whether or not they are Halford Hewitt members of Deal, and the date on which they register interest in playing. Lower handicaps and early applications will get priority, and a certain number of Deal members will be invited in order to reduce the average cost. There will be a waiting list, in case of late withdrawals.


It is not possible yet to provide a firm price for the event, because it will depend on the number of full members, or Halford Hewitt members, of Deal who participate. However on the last comparable occasion on which the Scratch Cup was played (March 2020), the cost for non-members was £90, and I would very much hope that something similar could be achieved this time around (which would compare very favourably to the £140 which a visitor would normally pay). The price is the green fee; food in the bar will be available but is at the participant’s cost.


Hewitt squad members who have not already done so should apply to the Hewitt captain, Richard Gibson. Everybody else may apply either by email to the Secretary or by using the society website. However you will not be able to pay using the website; indeed we may wait until we know the final starting list before asking for any payment, because it will depend on the number of Deal members in the line-up. In either event please include details of (a) your WHS handicap and (b) any membership at Deal.


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