November/December 2021 report


There were no events in the last two months of 2021 but plenty was going on behind the scenes, principally the arrangement of the 2022 society calendar. The calendar is now published on the website (see under ‘Fixtures’) and there is plenty to look forward to. First off will be the draw for the Halford Hewitt, which takes place on Wednesday 12th January in London; the Hewitt itself reverts in 2022 to its familiar timing in April, after the disruptions suffered in 2020 and 2021. The AGM and annual dinner follow on 21st March and members are urged to attend this enjoyable evening if they possibly can; this year the event will be held at the Whitgift Sports Club at Croham Road.

The society’s open meetings have grown in number, and there are now seven in total, with visits to Royal Cinque Ports GC (on two occasions), Royal Ashdown, The Addington, Hever Castle, Shirley Park and Croham Hurst on the programme. The Shirley Park meeting is on a Sunday, in order to attract as many younger OWs as possible. Hopefully there is something for everyone, and members are encouraged to book early where they can.