Published – A history of the society

“It’s a Long Game”


‘It’s a Long Game’ is the first authentic history of the Old Whitgiftian Golf Society, from its formation by a small group of Old Whitgiftians in 1913 through to the present day. Author, Peter Gale, takes the reader on a 100-year journey from the Society’s early days, interrupted by the First World War when it suffered the inevitable casualties (many distinguished) from the ranks of its membership, through the inter-war years – including the Society’s first efforts to win in the Halford Hewitt – to the present day.

In between, he describes with relish the controversial committee meetings, the triumphs and downfalls of Captains and Presidents, the wins, the losses, the personalities – all accompanied by recollections from longstanding members, past and present.

The addition of many pages of meticulously researched statistics serve to underline the importance of this book as a valuable contribution to the Whitgift School archives.

The title, ‘It’s a Long Game’ mirrors the frustration of generations of members only too well aware that, despite many notable near misses and the efforts of some brilliant players, the OWs have so far failed to win the Halford Hewitt.  But they know that luck will always play its part in this great game and remain confident that success is bound to come.  One day.  Golf is, indeed, a long game.

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Variety Golf is the country’s oldest golfing charity, raising funds for Sunshine Coaches and providing golf lessons for disabled and disadvantaged children.  Over the last fifty years Variety Golf has put over 1,000 Coaches on the road and last year raised funds for a further 21 at an average cost of over £35,000 per coach.

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